Why participate in Token Plus?

  • 1. The general trend of the next ten years will lead the blockchain, not to be missed.
    2. Token Plus joins hands with Chiliz to create a new pattern of global blockchain in the next ten years! 10 billion CHZ participated in the free gift, Token plus created a decentralized exchange and a consensus on the issuance of tokens. In order to attract more traffic in the early stage, when CHZ tokens are sent out, the consensus of the platform will be improved. After the effective data fission, airdrop tokens will be received from the proportional platform for free, and participants will be distributed in advance.
    3. You can participate in the wallet on the chain, and you can mine without damage. You can store USDT on the TRON chain through your wallet. Through resonance, you can get the corresponding CHZ value every day. USDT can be held or exchanged immediately, effectively solving the problem of user fund security. Get a good return
    4. All those who participate in Token plus can get CHZ rewards in the simplest way

    Come to Token Plus to easily earn CHZ

  • How to participate:

    Wallet on the chain, the wallet comes with a Dapp browser
    1. Deposit TRC20 chain USDT in your own wallet.
    2. Enter the official website through the wallet browser.
    3. After entering the official website, the asset will be confirmed.
    4. Your wallet assets have not moved within 12 hours. After 12 hours, you can enter the official website to resonate to receive 2% of the asset ratio CHZ, and you can receive it once every 12 hours.
    5. After receiving, your wallet must have a small amount of TRX as an absentee fee to exchange for USDT. After the exchange, USDT will automatically be transferred to your wallet for USDT assets.
    6. As long as your TRC20/USDT assets on the chain have not moved, you can receive the proportional CHZ every 12 hours. If you increase or decrease your assets in the middle, you need to enter the official website for automatic asset confirmation.

  • Sharing rewards:

    Recommend and share effective users: You can get 10% of the rewards from the first generation you recommend.
    Recommend two valid users: You can get 5% of the rewards for the second generation.
    Recommend three valid users: you can get 3% of the rewards for the third generation.
    How to share Token Plus lossless mining: just share the link under the official website.


Token Swap

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1 CHZ = 0.3229 USDT

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